Jessalyn Medlock


My name is Jessalyn Medlock. I live in Tennessee, USA. I have lived in Tennessee my entire life and currently raise my family here as well. I have two amazing children and I am married to the love of my life. We have been married since 2012. In that same year, I graduated from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, TN with my Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology. In 2014, I graduated from UTK with my Master's of Science in Social Work.

Since then, I have worked with countless families in the community and at schools. I specialize in working with families who have teens/children who are struggling with mental health, educational, social and emotional issues.

Clients who work best with me are self-motivated, but need someone who knows what they are doing to support them, too!

Parents who work with me are usually struggling in one or more of these areas:

  • LOTS of conflict with teen

  • Struggling to support their teen through depression or anxiety

  • Teen is doing things that are not SAFE: running away, promiscuity, drug use etc.

  • Doctors, Therapists, and other professionals are either no help OR you can't find ones who can help

  • Parent is struggling with their own self-care or anxiety

  • Teen is involved with law enforcement or has Child Services involved

  • Co-parenting is a huge mess

  • The relationship with your teen suffering

  • You might not like your teen right now

  • You feel worthless and ineffective in your parenting journey.

    • You are seriously considering sending your child away to boarding school, boot camp/military school, wilderness therapy, or some other type of residential facility.

I am a therapist turned parenting coach. I have helped countless families use evidence-based intervention to address their family’s needs and revive their relationships.

I am offering an alternative to the troubled teen industry as I am against all types of out of home placements except in cases where a child is in danger.

I specialize in helping caregivers of challenging teens keep their families connected and ensure their teen’s social, emotional, mental health, educational and physical needs are met so that their teen can grow up to be healthy, safe and successful. I believe that with the right support, planning and education, parents have the power to change their families for the better and lay the foundation for a positive relationship with their teen in adulthood. 

I am passionate about families. All families. I believe families are their own experts and they hold their own power to change things for the better, I am simply giving them a shortcut.

If you have a teen struggling with depression, anxiety, PTSD, aggression, alcohol/drug use, social issues, online safety, suicidal thoughts/actions and/or self-harming, etc. I can show you how to effectively address those things by finding your teen the support they need. That might mean a therapist, occupational therapist, support group, medication provider, trauma treatment provider, biomedical provider, nutritionist, pain management, etc. the list is literally endless. It is our job as adults to show our teens how to access the support they need so they can use these skills in adulthood if and when they need it. 

Then, we need to look at connection. How is your teen connected with others? Who are their strongest connections with and how do you know? Are you their caring, trusted adult? If not, I can help you fix that. I can also help you develop parenting skills to more effectively address and prepare for conflict, listen more effectively, communicate clearly your concerns, lay out clear and manageable expectations, get on the same page as your co-parent, etc. Again, there are many possibilities to implement very simple strategies to improve your relationship with your teen. I want you to have an amazing bond with your kid and I want you to be confident that when you send them into the world, they have all the skills they need to thrive. If you don’t feel that way, that’s OK. I can help! 

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